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NHSAA Job Search provides a simple and effective way to find the ideal job from the online database. The search box has four sections to help define the kind of position you are looking for:
  1. The Keyword Box
    This lets you enter words to search for in the job ads. If you want to add several words, they should be separated by commas, spaces and/or semi-colons. If no keywords are entered, the keyword section is excluded from the search. For example, a teacher may type the following keywords:

    History, Economics, Coaching

    Note that the search is not case sensitive - it makes no difference whether you use small or capital letters.
  2. Institution Type
    Institution type can be Public K-12 Education, Post-Secondary Education, or Private Education.
  3. Status of Job
    Jobs can be either contract/temporary, permanent or both. You can search either type or both.
  4. Location Checkboxes
    You can specify one or multiple areas where you would be prepared to work. If you leave all the location boxes blank, all areas will be considered for the search.
  5. Job Type Dropdown
    This menu lets you select the field of work in which you are interested. If you are not sure which category your desired job would fall in, leave "ANY" selected.

Push 'search' to start finding jobs. If there are more than 5 jobs found, use the next/previous buttons or the page number list at the bottom right of the page to move through the jobs. When you find a job you would like to apply for, click the APPLY FOR THIS JOB link by the job - a form will appear requesting your contact details and these will then be forwarded to the school district dealing with the vacancy.

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Please feel free to reach out directly if you have any questions or concerns.

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